What Students Need to Know: Oppression is a Crime

October 12, 2012

English: Primary School in "open air"...

High school is a mess! Teaching in high school is more pandering to the system and promoting irresponsibility among teens than preparing them for a responsible and meaningful role in tomorrow’s society.Most of today’s students are conditioned to think that life owes them something, and they don’t have to learn anything.

The refrain in school these days is that they have rights, and they don’t need to learn that “stuff” because they can always look it up. But they have to have some ideas in their heads about something before they will need to look up the stuff. Learning that “stuff”, be it English, math, history or science has changed.

Learning stuff is out, looking up facts is in!

They don’t yet know that education is not about looking up facts, but about engaging in intellectual discussions, be it about politics or health care, analyzing and critiquing a piece of literature, or question what is passing for history.

They don’t know yet that America is 90% propaganda, and perhaps 10% facts, and the media is the tool the rich uses to feed them the lies that will keep them oppressed unless they learn to read and analyze and listen and be critical of what they hear.

They don’t know that the foundation of the arts and sciences is built upon math, and the sciences – physics, chemistry, and biology – are the natural environment in which they live and must preserve. It is Nature!

They don’t know that the only end to poverty and oppression is through education. That for the growing underclass in this country, education is their only hope.

But who is going to tell poor and uneducated children in poor and under nourished neighborhoods that education is their only way out of the slums? Certainly not the rich politicians and businessmen who send their kids to private and elite schools.

The teachers and students suffer and the “other people” point their fingers. But they should point the fingers where they belong. To the faceless and nameless systems and government policies (be it federal, state or city) that created this crisis in education.

The three conditions that their system and policies created are a larger under class, more people in poverty, and of course a more ignorant population. (We leave abused teachers out.)

However, keeping the masses poor and ignorant can be a dangerous game to play, because one can only keep them poor and ignorant for so long before they rise up against their oppressors.


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