Pharmas profit from the sick and the dying
Diseases are the lust of their lives
They drink our blood and charge us for it
Suffering and poor health make them quiver with joy.

Pharmas work day and night to find the cures
That they won’t sell to poor, sick folks
Their greed exceeds the sick man’s needs
Their crime against humanity concealed in pills and prescriptions.

They dine on intestines and urine and pancreas
They play with hearts and livers and kidneys
They gamble on their disease free skeleton, but
They die from diabetes and Alzheimer’s like everyone else.

Their boats are their coffins
Their mansions their graves
Their billions are the bribes God’s waiting for
Their rich time will end just like the poor man’s time.

They rob and rape, plunder and destroy the sick
They do it for the billions they will never need
How much profit can one man wear and eat
How much money does one need to buy a plot in hell?

Sickness does not choose its clients
Pharmas, drug addicts, cancer patients, diabetics,
All end up in the same hole in the ground
Where the worms feast on cold flesh, not cold cash.

Time is the great equalizer!


Crisis in Education

May 10, 2013

Almost everyday the media highlights troubling bits of information about the state of education in the United States. These stories no longer arouse people’s interest. One looks at the title and skips the content. We already know the sordid details.

The new story we would like to read about is that the state or federal government and their respective education departments have stopped complaining and wasting tax payers’ money and are doing something about this national crisis in education.

Recent topics include:
(1) The sorry state of public schools – they are failing. Solution: close them.
(2) The administrators who are under arrest or are going to jail for corruption – viz. grade inflation / grade fixing. Solution: give them more power.
(3) The unqualified teachers with Masters Degrees in their subject who have permeated the classrooms and are responsible for the rotten system our kids have inherited. Solution: More training, deny tenure, tie tenure to # of passing students.

Let’s look at these complicated stories and perhaps suggest some simple solutions for this national disaster which the politicians can’t seem to sort out.

Let’s use New York City as our model:
(1) Approximately 150 failing schools in NYC have been closed or are closing soon. One problem is money. Real money has not been invested in these schools for decades. Many of them are in poor districts, populated by minority students. Are we doing the minority population a favor by closing their schools, or should we do them a real favor by making their schools learner friendly and improving their daily needs – health, housing and food?

There are those who say we do invest money in these schools. And it is true. We do invest millions in electronics which entertain the kids, but hardly teach them to read and write. (Contact mayor and former chancellor who benefits from …) All those standardized tests are prepared by Bearson and other book companies – lots of wasted money on these experts. These holes suck the tax payers’ dollars.

Charter schools accept carefully screened and selected students and eliminate those who do not fit their criteria. So what happens to the 80% of students (including immigrants, minorities, special needs) who are excluded from the exclusive charter of the charter schools? What happens is that their district schools are closing and they are stuck in purgatory. They return to another failing school with a new name.

Schools began to fail seriously and at a rapid rate when administrators began to receive bonuses for their good works. The more students that passed, the bigger the bonus. Well, principals and assistant principals began instructing (sometimes threatening) teachers to inflate those grades and pass all students who show up. All students that show up – no work necessary. The administrator’s bonus became the driving force in education, and not the quantity and quality of the students’ work.

(2) This goes back to #1 above: wasted and stolen tax payers’ money on electronics and book companies, and corrupt administrators sacrificing the kids. Grade inflation became the source of their evil.

(3) Everyone needs a scapegoat. The mayor, the chancellor, the politicians, the administrators, the parents, even the students. And who more readily available than the stupid teachers. Well, the teachers are neither stupid nor unqualified. Every teacher in NY has a Masters Degree in his subject (some have two Masters and dual certification), and 99% of them who teach 5 classes per day do the best job in the world with limited resources, corrupt administrators breathing down their necks, and a student population that includes young parents, gang members, students who check in with their parole officer weekly, the homeless, foster kids, to name a few groups – yes, NYC teachers face quite a cross section of the population every morning.

Perhaps charter schools should consider a branch for these special needs students. So yes, the NYC teachers are qualified and doing the best job they can, and it is not their fault that the schools are failing.

SOLUTION: NYC teachers do not need more training, and tenure should not be tied to the # of students passing. This is an insult to the students, and it leads to grade inflation and bigger bonuses for the administrators.
– Stop investing tax payers’ dollars in electronics – find out who is getting richer from the deal.
– Stop investing tax payers’ dollars in standard tests – it encourages teach to the test and the students learn nothing this way.
– Stop the charter schools. Somebody’s friends are reaping tax payers’ dollars and robbing and cheating our kids.
– Finally, end the administrators’ bonuses. This encourages fraud and corruption, investigations and arrests, and has no place in education.

This whole scenario – corruption in education and possible solutions – is spelt out in The Other Side of Teaching.

The present members of Congress are not required to have any qualifications as representatives of the people – period. One night they go to sleep unqualified for a decent job and the next morning they are running for a seat in Congress.

Therefore, any ambitious nincompoop with a god-father, or a rich backer who needs a stooge in Congress could win a seat in that prestigious house. Of course, the nincompoop must be a good liar and a cheating propagandist. Changes are required! We need people with courage, compassion and wisdom to do the people’s work.

Here is a MODEST PROPOSAL for the qualifications a person should have if said person wants to be a member of Congress.

Most members (I think) of the present Congress have college degrees. That is good. If said members went through the public school system and then onto university that is even better. They would already have first hand knowledge of the decrepit public school system.

Either during or after college the future members of Congress should be required to live in low cost, subsidized housing with rats and roaches; work in the service sector at minimum wage; try to make ends meet on food stamps or unemployment insurance; and/or borrowing from family members. In other words, live like and among the salt of the earth so they can feel and share their shame and pain. Perhaps live in an orphanage, convent or monks’ house.
This way of life should be for 3 – 4 years or longer.

The topic of their theses for their degrees should be on the homeless, the welfare system, how and why people are poor, how education can get the poor out of the slums, healthcare, childcare, or any subject that plagues the masses. After an academic / university education the graduates should be indoctrinated in the life issues that matters to real flesh and blood people and explore the world around them. This would help them grow a conscience.

They then need to find jobs, hang out, get married (or not), raise kids (or not), buy a house (or not) and then move on ….

The point is, a member of Congress must be qualified for the position of representing the interests of the people, and qualification in this case means feeling the pain and sorrow of the people – the proletariat, the farmers, the beggars, the single mothers, the teenage convicts, the masses – that they will presumable represent in the future.

If the members of Congress can go to bed at night with the memory of people sick and starving, on welfare and on food stamps, on social security and on unemployment insurance, sleeping in shelters and on street corners, working two job and can’t meet the rent, children in ghettoes and slums, children without food or health care, minority children educated but illiterate; if the new members of Congress can retain these pictures in their heads, they might be less likely to be the pawns, the stooges, the slaves of the lobbyists, big business, NRA, big banks, big drug lords, big everything in the corrupt, greedy and conscienceless world, and in fact they might just represent we the poor and needy people who elected them to serve us.

Now, that sounds like D E M O C R A C Y !!!

The Republicans

May 3, 2013

I have never voted for the republicans and never will. Their policies on education and immigration favor the rich and the Europeans respectively. Their “for the rich” and “for the holy” policies on taxes and social programs are not for people in my socio-economic bracket.

Some of the republicans – Boner, Konnel, Kantor, Kove – vowed that Mr. Obama would be a one-term president and my friends and I vowed that it would not be so. God also thought so! And God’s will was done.

GOP is an acronym for GREEDY OLD PARASITES. The GOP’s policies are out-dated and they should consider their demise as an institution. It would give lots of voters’ great pleasure to read of the now defunct GOP.

Just out of curiosity, is it true that republican women do not use birth control pills and never have abortions, and they are never raped? Is it true that republican men are not rapists, they just condone the act and help the rapists get away with the crime?

The purpose of the republicans in congress is to be obstructionists. So they want to spite our half-white President. But they are spiting the people who voted for them – 99% of the American people suffer because of their obstructionism.

President Obama inherited an empire in decline. Have the republicans forgotten that they gave this country two costly wars (we mortgaged our souls to China to pay for them), that their policies caused the housing market to crash, the banks to fail, over 10% unemployment, etc. etc. etc. This is the present, the gift, that President Obama inherited.

In short, they ruined this country, and now we have endured four and a half years of obstructionism to everything in Congress. When will they stop? In three and a half years when the President leaves office? Voters: takes notes!

These malicious and greedy republican parasites who claim to be so God-faring, so religious, should revisit the Seven Deadly Sins and take a walk through Abraham, Moses and Jesus’ footsteps and then perhaps they might understand that they should embrace the President not practice those deadly sins, which really hurt us, the American tax payers.

But let’s stick to their politics. So the republicans want to spite the Democrats, specifically the President. However, since they are spiting the voters who elected them, I hope all those republican voters have the brains to analyze the pitiful state of our country and vote change and justice in the future.

When people vote blindly for these idiots in congress we all suffer. When will the voters in this country use their power to change the status quo and not maintain republicans and their rich backers and the lobbyists who pay for their services?

We need term limits. We need a third party – more candidates to choose from. Change!

The Democrats

May 1, 2013

Whoever the candidates were, whatever their beliefs, I have always voted for the democrats. The causes they publicly supported, the policies they ran on, are mostly the same as I believe in and support.

I voted for President Obama twice and I have frequently returned their envelopes with my meager cheque squeezed from my retirement benefits.

Recently I have been returning their envelopes empty with two statements: Stop the droning or stop sending your envelopes, or this one: Democrats are wimps. Stand up to the NRA. Grow backbones or get out of Congress.

Well, I don’t think the illiterates who open the envelopes read the messages because I keep getting a fresh set of envelopes every month. Those democrats, those wimps without back bones, those creeps, those jerks without courage to defend the people’s rights are not getting another penny from my retirement benefits.

And just as I used to campaign my family and friends to support the democratic party, I shall in future campaign them to stop supporting those losers in Congress. I voted for them with the hope that they will protect my rights and benefits. No such luck.

The biggest let down is President Obama. I supported him with all my heart. Sent whatever I could afford to elect and reelect him. He gets nothing done! His campaign promises never materialized. Guantanamo Bay, droning women and children, kill list – he turned out to be a dangerous man and an enemy of the poor people in those warn torn countries. He turned out to be a disgrace to the Nobel Peace Prize. What a mistake that committee made!

Weak kneed democrats: Get out of Congress! I’ve had enough of you.

We need term limits. We need a third party – more candidates to choose from. Change!

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