The Democrats

May 1, 2013

Whoever the candidates were, whatever their beliefs, I have always voted for the democrats. The causes they publicly supported, the policies they ran on, are mostly the same as I believe in and support.

I voted for President Obama twice and I have frequently returned their envelopes with my meager cheque squeezed from my retirement benefits.

Recently I have been returning their envelopes empty with two statements: Stop the droning or stop sending your envelopes, or this one: Democrats are wimps. Stand up to the NRA. Grow backbones or get out of Congress.

Well, I don’t think the illiterates who open the envelopes read the messages because I keep getting a fresh set of envelopes every month. Those democrats, those wimps without back bones, those creeps, those jerks without courage to defend the people’s rights are not getting another penny from my retirement benefits.

And just as I used to campaign my family and friends to support the democratic party, I shall in future campaign them to stop supporting those losers in Congress. I voted for them with the hope that they will protect my rights and benefits. No such luck.

The biggest let down is President Obama. I supported him with all my heart. Sent whatever I could afford to elect and reelect him. He gets nothing done! His campaign promises never materialized. Guantanamo Bay, droning women and children, kill list – he turned out to be a dangerous man and an enemy of the poor people in those warn torn countries. He turned out to be a disgrace to the Nobel Peace Prize. What a mistake that committee made!

Weak kneed democrats: Get out of Congress! I’ve had enough of you.

We need term limits. We need a third party – more candidates to choose from. Change!


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