The Republicans

May 3, 2013

I have never voted for the republicans and never will. Their policies on education and immigration favor the rich and the Europeans respectively. Their “for the rich” and “for the holy” policies on taxes and social programs are not for people in my socio-economic bracket.

Some of the republicans – Boner, Konnel, Kantor, Kove – vowed that Mr. Obama would be a one-term president and my friends and I vowed that it would not be so. God also thought so! And God’s will was done.

GOP is an acronym for GREEDY OLD PARASITES. The GOP’s policies are out-dated and they should consider their demise as an institution. It would give lots of voters’ great pleasure to read of the now defunct GOP.

Just out of curiosity, is it true that republican women do not use birth control pills and never have abortions, and they are never raped? Is it true that republican men are not rapists, they just condone the act and help the rapists get away with the crime?

The purpose of the republicans in congress is to be obstructionists. So they want to spite our half-white President. But they are spiting the people who voted for them – 99% of the American people suffer because of their obstructionism.

President Obama inherited an empire in decline. Have the republicans forgotten that they gave this country two costly wars (we mortgaged our souls to China to pay for them), that their policies caused the housing market to crash, the banks to fail, over 10% unemployment, etc. etc. etc. This is the present, the gift, that President Obama inherited.

In short, they ruined this country, and now we have endured four and a half years of obstructionism to everything in Congress. When will they stop? In three and a half years when the President leaves office? Voters: takes notes!

These malicious and greedy republican parasites who claim to be so God-faring, so religious, should revisit the Seven Deadly Sins and take a walk through Abraham, Moses and Jesus’ footsteps and then perhaps they might understand that they should embrace the President not practice those deadly sins, which really hurt us, the American tax payers.

But let’s stick to their politics. So the republicans want to spite the Democrats, specifically the President. However, since they are spiting the voters who elected them, I hope all those republican voters have the brains to analyze the pitiful state of our country and vote change and justice in the future.

When people vote blindly for these idiots in congress we all suffer. When will the voters in this country use their power to change the status quo and not maintain republicans and their rich backers and the lobbyists who pay for their services?

We need term limits. We need a third party – more candidates to choose from. Change!


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