People vs. Members of Congress

May 6, 2013

The present members of Congress are not required to have any qualifications as representatives of the people – period. One night they go to sleep unqualified for a decent job and the next morning they are running for a seat in Congress.

Therefore, any ambitious nincompoop with a god-father, or a rich backer who needs a stooge in Congress could win a seat in that prestigious house. Of course, the nincompoop must be a good liar and a cheating propagandist. Changes are required! We need people with courage, compassion and wisdom to do the people’s work.

Here is a MODEST PROPOSAL for the qualifications a person should have if said person wants to be a member of Congress.

Most members (I think) of the present Congress have college degrees. That is good. If said members went through the public school system and then onto university that is even better. They would already have first hand knowledge of the decrepit public school system.

Either during or after college the future members of Congress should be required to live in low cost, subsidized housing with rats and roaches; work in the service sector at minimum wage; try to make ends meet on food stamps or unemployment insurance; and/or borrowing from family members. In other words, live like and among the salt of the earth so they can feel and share their shame and pain. Perhaps live in an orphanage, convent or monks’ house.
This way of life should be for 3 – 4 years or longer.

The topic of their theses for their degrees should be on the homeless, the welfare system, how and why people are poor, how education can get the poor out of the slums, healthcare, childcare, or any subject that plagues the masses. After an academic / university education the graduates should be indoctrinated in the life issues that matters to real flesh and blood people and explore the world around them. This would help them grow a conscience.

They then need to find jobs, hang out, get married (or not), raise kids (or not), buy a house (or not) and then move on ….

The point is, a member of Congress must be qualified for the position of representing the interests of the people, and qualification in this case means feeling the pain and sorrow of the people – the proletariat, the farmers, the beggars, the single mothers, the teenage convicts, the masses – that they will presumable represent in the future.

If the members of Congress can go to bed at night with the memory of people sick and starving, on welfare and on food stamps, on social security and on unemployment insurance, sleeping in shelters and on street corners, working two job and can’t meet the rent, children in ghettoes and slums, children without food or health care, minority children educated but illiterate; if the new members of Congress can retain these pictures in their heads, they might be less likely to be the pawns, the stooges, the slaves of the lobbyists, big business, NRA, big banks, big drug lords, big everything in the corrupt, greedy and conscienceless world, and in fact they might just represent we the poor and needy people who elected them to serve us.

Now, that sounds like D E M O C R A C Y !!!


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