Pharmaceutical Company = Blood Money

May 13, 2013

Pharmas profit from the sick and the dying
Diseases are the lust of their lives
They drink our blood and charge us for it
Suffering and poor health make them quiver with joy.

Pharmas work day and night to find the cures
That they won’t sell to poor, sick folks
Their greed exceeds the sick man’s needs
Their crime against humanity concealed in pills and prescriptions.

They dine on intestines and urine and pancreas
They play with hearts and livers and kidneys
They gamble on their disease free skeleton, but
They die from diabetes and Alzheimer’s like everyone else.

Their boats are their coffins
Their mansions their graves
Their billions are the bribes God’s waiting for
Their rich time will end just like the poor man’s time.

They rob and rape, plunder and destroy the sick
They do it for the billions they will never need
How much profit can one man wear and eat
How much money does one need to buy a plot in hell?

Sickness does not choose its clients
Pharmas, drug addicts, cancer patients, diabetics,
All end up in the same hole in the ground
Where the worms feast on cold flesh, not cold cash.

Time is the great equalizer!


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