Corrupt Politicians

August 12, 2013

Dear Governor Cuomo:

Who is in charge of the corrupt politicians who have infested New York State government at every level – state, city and local? Is there no accountability?

When honest and sincere tax payers vote for these greedy people, don’t they owe us an honest and sincere commitment to do their best for us?

When they are found guilty and given a year in jail, or a suspended sentence, is this enough punishment for swindling the tax payers or accepting bribes from corporate cooks seeking favors?

In the department of integrity, New York politics and politicians have hit the lowest level in decency, trust, faith, respect. When a politician, a chosen representative of the people, betray those people’s trust, what should be done about that person? Spend more tax payer dollars to investigate him, or kick him out immediately?

Isn’t it time we come up with legal, legislative standards so that people seeking public office understand that there is a code of ethics to be followed before entering office, and while serving in office? Furthermore, since leaving office in disgrace would be a violation of that code of conduct, shouldn’t there be a law for repaying any and all monies gained by swindling, bribery, etc.?

Anyway, what are the qualifications of a politician? Ambition for power? The ability to be corrupt?

There is just too much cheating, stealing, bribery, and deceit going on in government for we the people to trust anyone anymore. It seems as if politicians just want to get into positions of power so they can get rich quickly and by any means possible – just not an honest day’s work.

Aren’t these crooks, these leeches, these politicians afraid that the American people might rise up in anger one of these days? It’s happening elsewhere.

Signed: A tax payer


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