America Loves Wars

August 13, 2013

We love wars, don’t we?

Forget our history. Let’ just look at our current wars.

– War on terror (whatever that is).
– War on drugs.
– War on Black and Hispanic boys.
– War on Iraqis.
– War on Afghans.
– War by droning Pakistanis and Yemenis.
– War on Mexicans re-entering what used to be their part of the country.
– War on Muslims worldwide.
– War on Egyptians.
– War on Syrians.
– War on the world via surveillance and spying on Americans and the citizens of the world.
– War by Republicans on the Black President who had the gall to be elected!
– War on the environment.

God have mercy on us, but for a country as moral as this one, we do love genocide, annihilation, mass incarceration, torture, and every other evil under the sun. Is this country going to hell?

Here are some wars I would like to see:
– War on hunger. – War on poverty. – War on disease.
– War on inequality. – War on illiteracy. – War on crime (not the white kill black variety*)
– War on the 1% who are oppressing and stifling and choking the lives out of the 99%.

Now, these wars would make sense.

*Travon Martin, Raymond Herisse, Israel Hernandez – Florida, Ramarly Graham – New York.


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