NYC Schools & Higher Standards

August 14, 2013

According to the news on August 8, 26% of the grade school students in NYC passed the English exam, and 30% passed the math exam. This is really surprising news. After all, the current mayor worked for almost twelve years to raise education standards and improve the NYC school system. Cathy Block can substantiate this claim.

Well, it seems as if nothing has changed for the better. The mayor just stagnated education progress for over ten years; closed schools unnecessarily instead of helping them to become better; gave his friends charters; battered and abused teachers (he should be stopped, frisked, questioned and charged with battery and assault); and has democratically dictated policies detrimental to the kids of NYC.

If anyone doubts this statement, just look at how parents and children, teachers and students are eagerly anticipating changes in November, and the end to autocratic rule in NYC Schools.

After eleven and a half years and no improvement in test scores, it is obvious that the top down policy and the autocratic rule are not working. Let’s hope the next mayor is taking notes.

Here are two questions we need answers for:

Who is doing the teaching? Who is writing the test?

Here are three teachers’ comments after the test results were published:

– We are not allowed to give grades below 55 between September and April, so we can give grades of 65 in June.

– We have not had a salary increase since 2009, Teachers Choice money has almost disappeared, and administrators treat us like outcasts begging for handouts.

– Everything is the teachers’ fault. Whether people believe it not we are teaching to the test. These kids are not given an education. They are learning how to take tests. And if my job and salary depend on how many of my students pass, then 95% of them will pass. I’m not there to teach them. I’m there to pass them.


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