Politicians: Dumb but Smart

August 18, 2013

I have been saying this for years. Politicians get themselves elected to political offices – congress, state, city, and local government – for one reason: to get rich!!!

The latest members of congress to prove this point are: Andy Barr, Ann Wagner & Tom Cotton (NY Times, 8-11-13).

They are newly elected, have been in Congress for six months and have collected more PAC money for their party (hundreds of thousands) than some old timers in Congress, e.g. Boner.

One wonders how much they collected under the table for their personal use, mansions, savings account, stock options, and future pensions. One also wonders how much time they actually spend on the problems of the people who elected them in their home states. Furthermore, do they have a conscience?

Congress people and other elected officials may be poor on Election Day, but they live rich ever after, and certainly don’t die poor, that’s for sure.

Politicians are cheats, swindlers, propagandists, robbers, crooks, liars, charlatans, con-artists, imposters, double-dealers, power hungry, greedy, dishonest, etc. etc. Show me an honest politician, and I’ll show you his mansion in hell.

They are dumb – because they have nothing in their heads (charlatans – they claim what they do not have), but they are smart – because they know how to swindle, fill their pockets, and get rich quick. They are adept at fooling the people.

From the looks of things, political heaven is right here on earth. Enjoy it all while you can you rich politicians. Poor people’s heaven is with God the Almighty.


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