Our USA & Our Allies

August 19, 2013

We, as the greatest and best democracy in the whole wide world, step across the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans and cross the border South to spread our God fearing ideology to those regimes and dictators in need of a good example and a good way of life for those unfortunate souls crawling under their guns to live their oppressed lives.

America is the Messiah doing the good work of the Good God, but we have forgotten to take a good look at the company we keep. Didn’t some one say “let me see the company you keep and I’ll tell who you are”?

Well, let’s look at our friends and allies. Saudi Arabia. Kuwait. Bahrain. The Emirates. The military rulers in Egypt. Etc. I can’t believe these kings, emirs, rulers, oppressors, and suppressors of democracy, etc. etc. are America’s best friends. Man! Oh! Man! Do we need some new friends and allies or what?

Is this why we have no affordable health care? Free and comparative education to China and Finland? Affordable housing for the poor and homeless?

I wish my tax $$$ were not used to maintain these depraved and inhuman friendships.


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