Republicans and History

September 11, 2013

The white men and women, young and old Republicans in the US Congress, hate the President of the USA simply because he is half black, have an ancestral name, and had the audacity to be elected President of their white country.

The fact that the American people – the people who voted them into office – are suffering because of their obstructionism, lack of ethics, and lack of concern for the people’s welfare is of little interest to them. Their chief role in Congress is to shoot down every proposal of the President, to make him look bad, and to defeat his every thought, idea and plan regardless of whether those thoughts, ideas and plans may or may not benefit the American people.

Their racist and prejudiced concern is not for the American people, but for the defeat of the President. What kind of racist people are these who have infested the US Congress?

Ten years from now when our kids look back into our history what will they see? A bunch of white republicans who hate other people because their skin is brown / black? Is this how white republicans are shaping the future of this country? To hate anyone who is not white?

If the white Republicans are trying to make Barack Obama a failed head of state, then they should consider two things:

One, How history will judge them, and two, since they are the party of God and morality, their ploys, plots, tricks, tactics, obstructionism, hate, racism, and prejudice will only work if it is the will of God.

They must remember that they vowed to make him a one term president, but God had other plans. And so we must wait and see what plans will unfold by the will of God.


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