Michele D(emented) Backmann

September 13, 2013

Is this woman really as stupid, ignorant, uninformed, foolish and demented as she comes across in real life?

To think that this creature is a member of the US Congress is quite disturbing. What’s more disturbing is that she is allowed to leave the USA and go to foreign parts and show the world how stupid, ignorant, uninformed, foolish and demented our elected officials really are. This is the disturbing and embarrassing aspect of their lack of knowledge.

Congresswoman Michele Demented Bachmann was in Egypt on 9-8-13 and praised, lauded, congratulated, encouraged and promised 1.3 billion to the al-Sisi regime for overthrowing a democratically elected government. Several points to be noted here:

One: In her speech she connected the Muslim Brotherhood Party of Egypt to the terrorist attacks on the US of September 11, 2001. Which world is she living in to make such a connection?

Two: Has she any idea what the al-Sisi military regime is doing to the unarmed Egyptian people? How can she and cohorts praise a dictator for overthrowing a democratically elected government and slaughtering its people?

Three: Is al-Sisi fighting terrorism as she said or implementing a one-party government? Is this what the US wants in Egypt and the Middle East? A one party military regime to rule the poor?

Four: Compare al-Sisi to George Washington? Al-Sisi and Company to Thomas Jefferson?

Five: What threat has the Muslim Brotherhood posed around the world and to the USA?

If members of Congress think that the people of Egypt and that region are stupid, ignorant, uninformed, foolish and demented, then they are wrong. They may be poor and unemployed, but they are not uneducated and uninformed. And I am quite sure that they must see these congress ignoramuses for what they are: A bunch of stupid, ignorant, uninformed, foolish and demented nincompoops.

Secretary of State Kerry said, “In America you have a right to be stupid,” (NY Times Magazine). That is okay for America, I suppose. But we must not take it for granted that people, because they live in ‘third world’ countries are the same. I happen to know that the Egyptian people are quite intelligent and informed of world politics and would see right through the nonsense these congressional political hucksters are pushing for political gain and power.

Perhaps people running for Congress should take an IQ test. MDB certainly needs to take one.


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