Republicans Shut Down Govt.

October 6, 2013

On the day in November, 2008 when Barak Obama won the presidency of the United States of America the racist republicans Boner, Can’t-or, Rover, Gang-rich, and their rich godfathers vowed that he would be a one term president. Almighty God did not allow that to happen. So on the day in November 2012 when he won a second term those bits of feces – especially those racist rich godfathers – started planning again – this time how to bring down his government. Can’t they accept God’s ruling? No! So now they have shut down the govt.

This is presumable a democracy – majority rule. We the voters accepted Obama-care and re-elected the President. So what’s the racist republican’s problem? Don’t you just wish that these people, including the Roach / Koach Bros would just walk off into the sunset and take a rest from hate? What’s the God faring hypocrite racist republicans’ anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti love & marriage, anti-Black, Latinos & minorities problem?

This is their problem: They are anti-poor and racist to the core of their soul!


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