More Grade Fixing

October 8, 2013

Glen Cove! Another testing scam hits the news. How many more will we hear about? How many will elude detection? This is beginning to sound like a national epidemic!

The Glen Cove school district is presumably a respectable one. How can teachers in these prestigious institutions be accused of such dastardly acts against innocent kids?

The answer is simple. The students must pass. The teachers must pass them to show they are teaching good English and grade level math (whatever those are). The principal must show that he is doing a good job – the students are passing in high numbers and with high grades.

That’s what school and teaching is about today. A good show!

But let’s not blame the teachers. The pressure on teachers to pass the students is phenomenal, but teachers should not just bow to administrative pressure and pass the kids. They should come together and rise up against the powers and tell the truth.

Inflating grades have been going on for a long time. Teachers know this and it is time they speak out and throw the blame where it belongs: At a system that wants results without money, time and the effort needed to change the floundering, decrepit foundation that needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the bottom up – not the top down.

The losers are the kids. Year after year the same story! Can’t the parents / taxpayers, politicians and policy makers see that the top down approach being forced down parents and students’ throats are not working?

Many more “Glen Coves” and “Hempsteads” will come to light if school officials are honest. The kids either know Math and English or they don’t. The one person who has the answer is the teacher. The sad part is that no one believes the teachers.


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