New Grading Policy

October 9, 2013

(Excerpt from The Other Side of Teaching)

I was excessed and arrived at “This School” on October 6 and covered a special education class. On October 7, I covered an English Program. On October 8, I covered an English/Special Education Inclusion Program. This was my first day with these students. At some point during the morning, an AP approached me and told me to give these students grades for the first marking period. I was flabbergasted!

This was my third day in the building, my first morning with these students and I was being asked to give them grades. The first marking period was ending that day and the students needed grades. The AP, whose name I did not know, stood at the classroom door and waved some papers in my face as if that would solve the problem.

I did not know the kids, and had never seen them in my life. I never saw their handwriting, could not tell if they could read or speak English, or write a sentence, but I must give them grades. When I asked the AP how could I be expected to give grades to students I had never taught, she told me to check the attendance record. If they were marked present, I was to pass them; if they had more than fifteen absences, I was to fail them. She then walked away. I was speechless. The grades were due the next Monday. This was Thursday.

Every evil has its good. A teacher who overheard the instructions I had been given came to my rescue. She also warned me that that AP was a dangerous person and to tread carefully. She took me to the attendance coordinator and he gave me the records I needed to commit this crime. I did not know the kids, but I gave grades to the names on the five sheets of paper as per her instructions.

Present = pass; absent more than fifteen days = fail. Isn’t this a wonderful education system? The best in the world! I cannot believe I did this!


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