American Dissidents – American Heroes

October 14, 2013

America now has dissidents! The dissidents are Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden. Let’s throw in Julian Assange for support. Whistleblowers, dissidents, who cares! It’s only a label.

Recently information has surfaced that they all had something in their past to indicate that they were not 100% altogether. Maybe these men have a conscience. They know right from wrong, and they wanted to correct the wrongs committed by saner heads.

Here is another point of view of this crime:
The people who are the real criminals in this tragedy are in the three branches of Govt. They committed those heinous war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan etc. They supervise mass killings, run Guantanamo, supervise torture chambers around the world, drone people including pregnant women, children, old men and anything that moves, they make and sell murderous gases and WMD in the Middle East, they are spreading evil around the world in the name of democracy, spying on everyone in every corner of the world, entrap young Muslim men and turn them into terrorist, etc. etc. etc. they are the criminals.

Three brave men had the courage to tell the world and they are persecuted.

The murderers in the three branches of govt. should be charged with war crimes. Instead they are portrayed as the good guys. They are in positions of power sitting in judgement of three honorable men who made a sincere effort to show us the poor unsuspecting people of the world how our democratic govt. is murdering people while pretending to protect us.

Dissident may be the right word for Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange. But are we living in the Soviet Union, Mao’s China, Hitler’s camps, or the US of A? Is this a democratic country, or a totalitarian, fascist or communist regime?

We need to put our govt. on trial with Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange as the judges.

The new dissidents are the new heroes.


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