Dear Julian Assange, Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden

October 16, 2013

Stop worrying about who is spying on us! Where I live on every street corner there is a camera on the light pole taking pictures of my car. The bank records my visits. The supermarket, drug store, library, dept. store, restaurant, post office, they all have surveillance equipment 24 hours per day. They record me and all my neighbors & friends.

Am I safer? No! There are still mass murders and robberies every week. And then the cell phone, internet and other electronic equipment inform the authorities about what I’m thinking, where I’ve been, where I’m going, what I bought, who I spoke to, what I said, and even deliver information I don’t know about myself. So there!

So my friends, we are living in the worst possible time in all of history. So stop worrying.

Privacy is dead!


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