Remedial Classes & Behavior Problems in College

October 18, 2013

A few days ago I had a conversation with a professor at my college. It was the end of her class and the beginning of mine, so we met is passing.

She looked angry. I greeted her, but she just ignored my greeting and exploded. She just needed a sympathetic ear (or two) for a moment.

She is teaching remedial English to a bunch of freshmen just out of high school. They can’t read! She showed me an excerpt from a story with the word “cottage” in it. A few students did not know what a cottage was.

However, that was not the reason for her anger. She said the behavior problems in that class is innumerable and so far insurmountable. After seven weeks of class instead of getting better it is rapidly plummeting into the bottom of Hades.

She has spoken to her dept. chair, sent a few to the counselor, but nothing has changed. She is now at the point where she is pulling out her hair and exploding to the nearest colleague.

Is this college? Or is it kindergarten?

After a few semesters of this behavior, failing classes, and a few professors needing head therapy, they will be kicked out of college.

Students who leave high school with low English & Math skills + behavior problems usually drop out of college, anyway.


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