Media & Politicians Beat Up On Teachers

October 22, 2013

Almost daily one can find an article in the newspapers that beats up on teachers. Why is it always the teachers fault? The latest complaint is that they are not trained properly. Well, they are not circus animals, perhaps that is why we can not train them.

They are not working hard enough. They work eight hours in school, take home work for their evening, weekend and holiday entertainment. Have these media writers and politicians ever stepped into the shoes of a teacher and looked at how much of her life is given to work?

How about this one? Have you ever taught a class of thirty students that included those who were on parole, are mothers and fathers, are from foster homes, group homes, gang members and drug addicts and long term absentees? The height of dysfunctional!

Well, I did, and before the next reporter beats up on teachers he should try teaching one of these classes just for a week. I did it for a year and was grateful to God that I was still sane in June. I shall pray for the reporters & politicians who are daring enough to take on this challenge!

It is not the teachers fault. It is the system that they work for. The low standards, low wages, grade inflation, teach to the test, politicians making stupid policies, unqualified principals, etc.


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