Democracy is Dead – American Democracy: New Rules, New Meaning

October 28, 2013

One person’s view on democracy in the United States:

1. Rich people destroy the earth; poor people starve because of them.
2. 1% exploit and oppress 99%
3. Congress = a bunch of jokers = a bunch of mentally inept elected greed asses.
4. Supreme court = bigots, racists, elitists, paid by the white & rich.
5. Government = top down policies suffocate the poor.
6. Elected officials end up in lobbyists pockets.
7. President = figure-head caught between congress and supreme court.
8. Democracy = minority rule in congress.
9. Democracy closes schools & opens more prisons.
10. Democracy means white men rule & apartheid is good government.
11. Democracy: destroy the Constitution & its Amendments & implement apartheid.
12. Democracy means spying on its citizens in the name of patriotism & security.
13. Democracy means conquering the world, fighting terrorism & killing the innocent.
14. Democracy = empire = conquering universe = selling arms to all & sundry.
15. Democracy is for white men; all other people, races, can go to hell.
16. Democracy is denying 45 million people health care.
17. Democracy is denying senior citizens social security, health care & the means to live.
18. Democracy is denying kids their birth right: food, shelter, health care & education.
19. Democracy is closing down the government while people starve & soldiers are denied burial.
20. Democracy is entrapping innocent people, torturing them, violating their human rights, denying them a fair trial, and forgetting them in jail for the rest of their lives.
21. American democracy is the best capitalism in the world.
22. Democracy = media controlled by the government and the rich.
23. Democracy is perpetual war and perpetual poverty.
24. Democracy is bailing out banks and taking away taxpayers home.
25. Go to Greece and study the concept of democracy.

Democracy is for the birds. We the American people just want self-government. Is that too much to ask?


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