Media Love Teachers – Just Look at This:

October 29, 2013

Media attention this week:
– Monday – New York Times – Teacher Prep: “An Industry of Mediocrity” 10-21-13
– Wednesday – Newsday – “NYS Teacher Ratings – 91% Make The Grade” 10-23-13
– Saturday – Newsday – “Scaling Back Tests” 10-26-13

First article: Teachers are poorly trained, they don’t know how to reach, bright people don’t want to be teachers, go to Finland, and so on and so forth.

Second article: Over 90% of NYS teachers graded “highly effective” & “effective”. So these teachers must be excluded from the first article.

Third article: Education Commissioner thinks we are testing students too much.

Putting these three articles together shows that somebody hates teachers, they are not as dumb as reporters think, and whoever is ordering all those tests for kids must put a brake on their income.

PS: In any profession we have bad apples. Criminal lawyers, doctors, bankers, politicians, etc.


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