Bash The Teachers

October 30, 2013

1. Teaching: “An Industry of Mediocrity”
2. 91.5% of teachers “highly effective” / “effective”
3. “Scaling Back Tests”

A few more comments on last week’s teachers’ news – bad and good. (Yesterday’s post.)

If, according to one nincompoop, our teachers are no good, can’t teach, poorly trained, need to go to Finland, etc. how is it possible that 91.5% of them were rated “highly effective” and “effective”?

G20 protests in London. National Union of Teac...

G20 protests in London. National Union of Teachers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Juxtapose this condescending opinion of teachers and the excellent rating they received from their administrators, add the fact that the State Commissioner thinks that we are testing our poor kids too much, and we have a major dilemma on our hands!

Here is the dilemma: Are the teachers bad or good? Or does the problem sleeps in policy?

Perhaps we need that nincompoop reporter to scourge around and find another scapegoat.

So where is the problem if all these teachers are highly effective? Are the students the problem? The curriculum? Education policy? Too much politics?

First the nincompoops should shut up and get out of the education business. Perhaps these demigods should teach a few classes in a poor neighborhood then write their mud about teachers, students and education.

Jewish and Arab teachers at Hand in Hand

Jewish and Arab teachers at Hand in Hand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The politicians and policy experts should stop with the top down stuff and start with a simple curriculum. Let’s borrow some from Finland, China, Canada, etc. and copy what they are doing. If it works for them, it will work for us.

But once and for all, get off the teachers back. It is not their fault if American education stinks. Teachers are given a curriculum and told what to teach. The fault belongs to those air heads in power – politicians, policy makers, administrators, reporters & media, top-downers – all those know-alls who have not a clue about what goes on in a classroom.

All these articles taken together just might prove that teachers are not the problem in our education system, after all. End of story!

PS: How many lawyers, doctors, bankers, politicians, public servants are criminals and in jail at this moment? So 91.5% is not bad, and that other 8.5% is going to get to “highly effective” soon.


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