12 Years A Slave – Part II

November 5, 2013

12 Years a Slave is a woeful commentary on the white masters of people they called slaves. God is our Master. It is also a shameful chapter in American empire building.

What is even more shameful and distressing is that our history has taught us nothing and changed nothing, but the white men continue to exploit and oppress the grey, the black, the red, the brown, the yellow, and all those in between.

Perhaps white men are going to hell. That would be very funny. Imagine, you are happily walking to heaven, and you glance to the left and all you see is a pit full of white men pitifully burning in hell, begging and screaming to get out. Well, keep walking happily. Everyone gets what he deserves.

In the movie the white slave masters preached from the Bible to the black slaves every Sunday. When the Bible preaches bondage, oppression and exploitation, and cotton weighs more than the human soul, then religion and life become meaningless.

The white master cannot hold the Bible in his hand, look at the black people in front of him, and continue to persecute, oppress and exploit, and still believe in God. That is why I wish them all burning in hell. But God is the judge, so it is written, so it shall be done.

See the movie, form your own opinion. Pray for souls of slaves. Thank God you are free.


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