1% & 99% – Private Schools & Public Schools

November 6, 2013

Some people send their kids to Jewish, Christian or Muslim Schools for the religious as well as the better quality of education they receive. We should also consider the discipline – uniforms, manners, respect, responsibility – enforced, and most beneficial to these students. These schools give kids a sound preparation for their role in the world of work, community, religion, and civic responsibilities.

They are taught responsibility at an early age, a characteristic that serves them well for the rest of their lives. They behave, read, write and do home work or they are shown the door.

This is the purpose of education. To build character, to teach discipline and self control, to impart knowledge, to arouse life long curiosity, to love and respect people and the world around you, to become responsible citizens, and perhaps to serve one’s God and country.

I am not talking about the schools where the 1% sends their kids. Or the private schools where politicians, policy writers, book sellers, and the other hypocrites send their kids to learn how to beat the system.

I am talking about poor Jewish, Christian and Muslim families who starve and deprive themselves of holidays and little luxuries to scrape up the pennies to give their kids an advantage in the future struggle for a better life. Perhaps the American dream!

Private schools, whether the 1% or the Jewish, Christian and Muslim schools have a responsibility and an obligation to prepare those students for the future. And they do!

Public schools have the same responsibilities and obligation to their students. So why are they failing? Perhaps there is too much politics and budget cutting in public education; and certainly too much business dealings – technology, test preparation, substandard books, not to mention the underpaid, overworked teachers.

We constantly talk about UPK, and then we cut Head Start. What does it all mean?


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