US Education: Dirty Politics & Profitable Business

November 7, 2013

People – parents, pundits, policy wonks, politicians – at every level of education – federal, state, city, private, public – are all pulling out their hair over the sub-standard of American education.

American Education is in the Dumpster

American Education is in the Dumpster (Photo credit: brewbooks)

They all need to take two things into consideration.
I. The dirty politics that permeates the education system.
II. The profitable business that education has become in the US.

We constantly bemoan our education dilemma and compare our broken system to Finland, China, Canada, and the other progressive systems, but do nothing to change the status quo.

I. Let us consider the dirty politics that has infested our system and has eaten the core of what education should be. Public education was meant for the masses, to get them out of poverty, to make them responsible and civic-minded citizens, to make them critical thinkers, to understand the world around them, and certainly to see through and analyze the propaganda of politics.

The present system has failed in every way. How many elected politicians are luxuriating in the pockets of lobbyists? Are they watching out for poor kids and public education or are they filling their pockets with money that belongs to the poor and uneducated? They constantly cut money for education, but not their salaries, the war chest, NSA, or taxes for the 1%.

Seal of the United States Department of Education

Seal of the United States Department of Education (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

II. Education is big and profitable business in the US. Look at all the useless technology we are pouring into schools. The Pearson testing, testing & testing; the sub-standard text books, and the money paid to these leeches while we cut essential needs and services to students & teachers. Education is not a business and should never have been allowed into the grasp of Capitalism 101. Politicians created this mess, and we must get politicians and businesses out of education.

Is education big business in Finland, or is it the unadulterated birthright of every child born on its soil? Has dirty politics, greedy politicians and multi-national corporations infiltrated their system?

Education in the US is not going to change anytime soon. First we must get raid of dirty politics, greedy politicians and profitable business conglomerates like Pearson and the technologies. Then we must seriously look at what is the best on the world stage, borrow it, reshape it, and implement it for our kids.


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