Immune to Murder – Are We?

November 14, 2013

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Am I going to be the next victim of a mass murderer? Am I becoming immune to murder?

According to the news, every day some where in America some one is committing mass murder using WMD. In homes with families, in shopping malls, in streets, in public spaces, in schools, in fact in any place where humans congregate, shooting the innocent is becoming the norm.

But there is no public outcry anymore! There is also not much TV coverage, and very little press. At most a few paragraphs are hidden in the back pages. The media, it seems, have joined forces with the NRA to silence coverage and publicity of gun violence.

The NRA is an organization born in hell. They have no shame, no responsibility, no accountability, and no guilt for the innocent lives they take, the pain and loss they cause unsuspecting people, the families they destroy, and certainly no respect for the voices of outrage and protest against their evil practices.

The media, however, owes the public a debt. It has a duty to tell the public of these daily / weekly crimes against humanity; disseminating this kind of information is vital to public safety. The media need to speak loudest against gun violence – not hide behind silence.

We as a nation are becoming immune to murder. We hear of six people shot to death in North Carolina, we shrug our shoulders and move on. The mall shooting and we wrinkle our nose and move on. Two teachers shot dead and we turn the other way and move on.

If we remain passive we help the NRA; we help the media; we accept mass killings; we immune ourselves to death by shooting.

Yes, we are becoming immune to murder. When we begin to take murders, killings, dronings, and homicides in stride without emotions, outrage, or shock, and condemn gun violence loudly, then we are lost as a society.

Perhaps we are already immune to mass murders – death by shooting with gun by Homo sapiens


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