Taliban & Al Qaeda Are Like … Flu Germs

November 18, 2013

The more chiefs and leaders we drone to death, the more they breed and resurface around the globe.                                            They are like flu germs. Kill a few today, tomorrow another score of them, well ….

I am a Muslim not a Commodity

I am a Muslim not a Commodity (Photo credit: Edge of Space)

According to the news, every day, every week, a few Taliban or Al Qaeda chiefs and leaders are droned to death. How many chiefs, leaders, bosses, presidents, or kings do they have? It seems as if every time we drone one to death a dozen more crawl out of the caves, cracks, and crevices.

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, Lebanon, and the 22 other Middle East countries (exclude Saudi Arabia, that den of worms) that Muslims inhabit – all are filled with Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives. (One wonders: Are there good people in the Muslim world?)

What are we to do? It is so difficult to get rid of terrorists. How are we going to make the world safe again? All the money and innocent lives spent on this cause, and our own people in poverty, & schools & infrastructure in shambles. Not to mention all the poor and innocent people, old and pregnant women, children, old men who are losing life and limb in those God forsaken countries.

Maybe we should rethink our foreign policy. Stop selling and supplying arms & WMD to the Middle East. Send food and medicine instead. Or if we hate Muslims so much don’t send food and medicine. Just leave the Muslim countries alone.

Of course we need their oil and minerals, and we don’t want to pay for it. Free! Free! Free!

A bounty leaflect prepared by the USA for use ...

A bounty leaflect prepared by the USA for use in Afghanistan (front) -a (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But back to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. We have no cold war, no USSR, no real enemies willing to take us on and since we must have an enemy to flex our muscle, supply/sell arms to innocents, keep feeding the American people propaganda, we have now created an invisible enemy world wide, without a particular country so we can just march in anywhere and destroy their people and infrastructure and take whatever we want from them – oil, minerals, gas, anything. Wonderful!

So we conveniently created the Taliban and Al Qaeda so we now have an enemy, the American people is buying it up in the name of patriotism, the war on terror & keeping America safe. What baloney! Well, okay! So what!

The more we destroy – death, destruction, blood and gore on our hands – the Taliban and Al Qaeda, the more they multiply. How many of them are there? Read the propaganda in tomorrow’s newspapers. There in lies the truth. And remember, Taliban & A Qaeda are like flu germs …



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