Equality? What’s That?

November 20, 2013

When I hear people talking about “equality” I feel like being rude and telling them: Stop it – there is no such thing.

There is no such thing as equality. It is abstract – an idea, a concept, a notion of what ought to be – not what is, a charitable thought, but nothing concrete to hold on to.

English: The "formal" conception of ...

English: The “formal” conception of equality of opportunity focuses on fairness at the competition stage for a post or position, with clear rules to judge the most able person with criteria related to the position sought. The “starting point” is when two persons apply for a position; and theoretically either applicant may win the position. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Equality is not reality. Equality is not fact.

Perhaps the ancient Greeks came up with this idea from observing the fact that all men have the same body parts. Perhaps the socialists felt bad for the sick and the hungry and the concept was born. Perhaps Thomas was in utopia when he said we are all created equal.

We are not equal, were not created equal, and will never be equal.

If there were only two men left on earth, one would find an excuse to be superior to the other. For example, take the last two white men on earth. The one who is physically stronger would take advantage of the weaker one. One might be more learned than the other and he would certainly be condescending in attitude.

As for the pair of men – one black and one white – well, history has already dealt with that scenario.

If equality was something real, tangible, where did the master / slave evil come from? The 1% owns everything / 99% own nothing; the haves and the have-nots, the very notion that white people are better than black or men are superior to women screams inequality.

English: The "substantive" conceptio...

English: The “substantive” conception of equality of opportunity, in contrast to the “formal” conception, focuses on fairness before a competition begins by trying to help disadvantaged persons have a better chance at the upcoming competition. Examples include “affirmative action” programs, educational assistance and other ways to help applicants disadvantaged by circumstances beyond their control be more “equal” at the starting point. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two women, rich, educated, well dressed, same socio-economic stratum, walk into a room, the one perceived as beautiful gets the attention. They are equal in every way except skin covering. Who decides who is beautiful?

Are we created equal? Of course not! Do we have equal opportunity? Of course not! Will our world ever change? Of course not! Should we wait and hope for equality? Of course not!

There will always be scientists and bus boys. Doctors and charwomen. Mistresses and maids. Mansions and homelessness. Seven courses for the 1% dinner, and malnutrition for the 50% who slept without dinner.

As long as we have 2 men left in the world we will have oppression, exploitation and inequality.
Equality? There never was such a thing, and there never will be such a thing.

Equality is a thought, an idea, a concept, a notion, abstract thinking. Equality is a feel-good, nameless thing. Equality is a poor man’s wish. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

 Death makes us equal.


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