My Apologies – I Am Sorry For …

November 21, 2013

this …  My Lack of Knowledge has a price!

There are two very insulting comments on my blog, and I want to say that I am very sorry for my mistake.

RSC insult chair

RSC insult chair (Photo credit: Rev Stan)

Here is what happened: Two of my “electronic” friends posted nasty, insulting comments to me and about me saying that I liked my own post. Perhaps it is true, but I can’t tell because I don’t know how to check this accusation to see if it is true.

To my “electronic” friends I want you all to know that I got my first computer with internet connection about 18 months ago. I took some computer lessons and family and caring friends have helped me to negotiate my way in the electronics world. I paid two thousand dollars to set up this blog. I enjoy writing and posting on my blog.

Sometimes I sit at the computer and click stuff to see what would happen, and of course not knowing what the consequences will be. Many times I have lost stuff never to find it again, and the mistakes are innumerable.

For the 2 people who were nasty and insulting (I hope you read this blog) there are 98 who were kind, liked my blog, and encouraged me to continue. I wish I could reply directly and individually to those people’s comments and tell them how much I appreciate their kindness and support.

I keep clicking away, but I can’t find the right click to reply to those wonderful people.

For you to insult me, I must first value your ...

For you to insult me, I must first value your opinion. (Photo credit: deeplifequotes)

Next semester I plan to take another class in computer & negotiating the internet. In the meantime, I must live with my mistakes and the insults of my unkind friends.

One of my new friends was very kind and sweet. He/She advised me to put pictures on my blog, and I’ve started doing that. It took me one week – with help – to figure that out. But I did it!

I hope my nasty friends read this page, understand my dilemma, and accept my apologies.

One day, by trial and error, I will learn the new way to communicate with the new world in the new language.

To all my friends who read and “like” my stuff, my gratitude is from the heart.


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