Teachers: Targets of Torture & Death

November 26, 2013

In the last few weeks several – too many – teachers were killed by students. Very young students! Students too young to contain such hate, violence and destruction in their little bodies.

Phila. Teachers on Capitol Steps, Wash., D.C.,...

Phila. Teachers on Capitol Steps, Wash., D.C., 5/13/11 (LOC) (Photo credit: The Library of Congress)

What is going on in this country? When students begin killing teachers, where, is there any place left where we can feel safe?

We are aware of the dangers of being on the streets – stop and frisk, stand your ground, mass murders in shopping malls, temples, theatres, homes. But for a teacher to be in her school and raped and murdered by a 14 year old student is beyond comprehension. For a teacher to be gunned down in his class room, in front of his students is again beyond comprehension.

Since when did young students, who can barely carry their books, learn to rape and shoot guns?

All this hate and violence in our society – where is it coming from?

Teacher with students in Benin classroom

Teacher with students in Benin classroom (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are teachers to wear body armour and carry guns before entering their classrooms? Are they to concentrate on teaching or to search for WMD? How do they identify suspicious students who are possible rapists and murderer? Which one of those students sitting in front of you hate you that much to want to destroy your being?

Who is that intruder lurking in the hallway? Oh! That’s my father, one student informs you!
Should they have trained dogs in the classroom sniffing the students as they enter?

Are our schools going to become little check points where everyone goes through metal detector, is body searched daily, and we have a police precinct in every building, with squad cars parked in front of the building?

English: 030901-N-6967M-064 Students in Bahrai...

English: 030901-N-6967M-064 Students in Bahrain learn as much about other cultures from students as they do from teachers, resulting in children who understand the world better than many people four times their age. (All Hands, September 2003, pg. 34) Photo by PH1 Shane T. McCoy . (RELEASED) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parents: What kind of cyber entertainment are your kids exposed to? Do you know what they are watching, listening to, reading, learning from the little clicking toys you are buying for them?

Parents: You have to take responsibility for the hate and violence pouring out of your sons and daughters. Start talking to them. Give them love and your time, not more electronic toys. You have to take control of your children or don’t have any.

Teachers: Protect yourselves! You have chosen a noble profession, but your life is more important.                                                                                          Instead of an education in every head, we are putting guns and weapons in every hand.

Students killing teachers is a sad commentary on the moral decay of our society.


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