Principals & APES: Educators or Ass Kissers?

December 4, 2013

Everyone and his grand mum, especially the newspapers and the politicians, beat up on teachers. This is their daily chore! According to them teachers are stupid, unqualified, incompetent, too senior, and even over-paid.

"Teacher Appreciation" featured phot...

“Teacher Appreciation” featured photo. Place unknown. Probably a Kindergarten or Special Education teacher insturcting a student. According to the US Census Bureau Facts for Features, as of 2004, there were 6.2 million teachers in the US and the 71% of which were women. The national average for annual salary for public elementary and secondary school teachers was $44,700; With the highest average of $54,300 in California and the lowest of $31,300 in South Dakota. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Has The Times and the politicians ever taken into consideration that these stupid, unqualified, incompetent teachers are the same people who become assistant principals (APES), principals, and administrators in our school system? Has anyone ever questioned the qualification and intelligence of the top-down hierarchy that runs the school system?

There is a saying in school that when you can’t handle the classroom you become an AP.

Here are a few examples of AP intelligence, qualification, incompetence and stupidity:

I.                   AP Macaroni observed my class. He asked me to explain what I was doing. I told him that it was a Regents Prep class and I was teaching my students how to analyze and critique a piece of literature; how to think critically. He calmly announced that you are not there to teach them to think critically. You are there to get them to pass your class.

 II.                I suggested to AP Macaroni that we should start a writing program in our school, that we have many students who would benefit from such a program. AP Mac said that in this school we teach whole language. End of discussion.

III.             AP Fatso – who was AP Mac’s bosom buddy (inseparable) – slipped into his seat when he retired. At her first meeting she announced that she would maintain the status quo; that she would continue to use Mr. Mac’s agenda. Her reason? If it worked for him, it will work for her!

English: Diagram of technology-empowered profe...

English: Diagram of technology-empowered professional development for teachers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IV.              For Professional Development days AP Fatso sent her department to the museums – any museum they chose to go to. After the visit the teachers wrote a lesson plan, incorporated some aspect of the visit, submit it to her, and that was our professional development. This went on for three years.

 V.                AP Destroy was known as the yeller. She would yell at teachers in the hallway, the classroom, her office. I was teaching out of license and sent to her department. I asked her for department guidelines since I was teaching out and license and new to her department. She yelled at me – in the hallway- that you have been teaching longer than me, you have more experience than me, you should know what to do.

VI.        Another time I chose a book for my class and I asked AP Destroy for her opinion. She again yelled at me – in her office this time – that you are more educated than me; you shouldn’t ask me these questions.

These are the ass-kissers I worked under. Don’t get me started on AP Gasbag.

For more APES intelligence, qualification, incompetence and stupidity, please refer to The Other Side of Teaching. More of their stories are documented in that book.

We know how teachers get their jobs. How do APES and principals get their jobs?

When the press – The Times – politicians and other teacher bashers torture teachers, they are looking at the problem with a jaundiced view. Most of the time the press and the politicians have no idea what they are talking about.


education (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Instead of harassing and torturing teachers The Times should ask principals, APES and administrators what their qualifications are for their jobs and how they got their jobs.


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