The Dark Side of Teaching

December 5, 2013

A teachers' room at Onizuka Middle School in K...

A teachers’ room at Onizuka Middle School in Karatsu, Saga, Japan. In Japanese schools, classes of students usually stay in one place and teachers go around from room to room each period. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ah! You didn’t think there was a Dark Side to Teaching, did you? Well, here it is:

Teachers are murdered almost every week now – in their workplace – in their schools – this is the new norm, the new trend in education.

That’s not only dark, it is pretty final.

Here are some other dark spots they face during the day. Student violence against teachers is a daily occurrence. It includes student verbal and physical abuse and stealing teachers’ stuff. Parental abuse includes face to face verbal abuse, dirty e-mails and letters of complaint. One parent asked the AP to put her daughter in another English class after looking at me and deciding that – because of my colour – I would not be a good English teacher for her child.

Administrators, principals and assistant principals (APES) abuse, humiliate, embarrass, and harass teachers without respect and without apology. For example, at “My School” APES have been known to yell at teachers in hallways, walk into class rooms and in front of students yell at teachers.

For example, one day a student cursed me out in the class room. I called for the dean to remove him. The AP arrived and instead of

English: Educational Games, Worksheets & Homew...

English: Educational Games, Worksheets & Homework Help for Kids, Parents and Teachers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

escorting the student out, she yelled at me for having “class room management problems” and left the gloating student to further humiliate me. The student said, “You see, your AP is scared or me, but she hates you.”

And then, there is grade inflation. Administrators have no problems calling in teachers into their offices with grade books instructing them how to change grades, pass all those present with high grades, and so on, and so forth.

One AP offered to show me how to calculate grades for students I was teaching. I teach the class, she calculates the grades.

What a wonderful system!

Who ever think that teachers are in control – well, think again? Who ever think that it is the teachers fault – well, do an investigation of the top-down hierarchy of the corrupt system.

Teachers get abuse from students, parents, APES, principals, the media and politicians.

Student teacher in China teaching children Eng...

Student teacher in China teaching children English. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And no one thinks of the work load she takes home in the evening, on the weekends, and during school holidays. For no overtime pay. She is not complaining, mind you! Just stating facts!

Yes, in the 21st Century there is a very dark side to teaching. Just ask a teacher. And we wonder why the American students are lagging behind on the world stage.

Check out The Other Side of Teaching. It documents all the facts the public in unaware of.


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