Save Black Men From the Law

December 6, 2013

Institutional Racism

A Japanese cell phone with various stickers an...

A Japanese cell phone with various stickers and charms attached to it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Innate Prejudice
Cultivated Hate

Every Black man should carry a lawyers phone number with him at all times. He has a cell phone, one hopes, and that phone number could be his passport to live outside the walls of earthly perdition, unholy purgatory, or even modern slavery which is jail time.

There is a certain parkway where I live, and every time I travel that route every few miles some one is getting a ticket. Nine out of ten times the person is Black or some other minority.

This week I was on that parkway and a Black chap was standing outside his old beat up car, hands up in the air, one cop standing in front of him and one cop searching his car. The trunk was also open.

I was a passenger in our car, all vehicles slowed down because of police activity, so I had a good view of the proceedings. That is when it occurred to me, that all these dark people can’t be guilty all the time and they need to have

Black cat

Black cat (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

some form of protection from these random stop and search as well as knowing their rights. When police stop minorities do they have any rights?

(I have the most beautiful black cat. His name is Star.)

So how do they protect themselves? When they are stopped for no apparent reasons, or for what ever reasons, they should whip out their cell phones and lawyer’s phone number (perhaps ACLU or Legal Aid) and report this police stop and search at once. How else can they be saved from these skin colour stops?

Police harassment and intimidation of minorities is not about to stop. It seems to be getting worse.

Institutional racism is deeply engraved in the psyche of the people who uphold the law. That innate prejudice that if you are dark you must be a criminal, or if you are Muslim or wear a turban you must be a terrorist, or if you are Black and wear fancy clothes or drive fancy cars you must be a drug dealer will be around for a long time. It has been festering for hundreds of years in our equal society!

American Civil Liberties Union

American Civil Liberties Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So we must find ways to fight institutional racism, innate prejudice, and home-grown cultivated hate.

All these people can’t be breaking the law. Some thing is wrong here.

So Black people: carry a lawyer’s phone number or carry ACLU phone numbers.              What a society we live in!



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