Wal*Mart: Fight the Evil Giant?

December 12, 2013

Long after I am dead and returned to dust Wal*Mart will be standing around the world alive, and exploiting and

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

oppressing and enslaving and raking in the green stuff.

However, as long as I can help it I won’t shop at Wal*mart! One anti-shopper won’t make a difference. The people who can hurt Wal*Mart’s profit margin need Wal*Mart’s cheap prices. At $7.25 per hour Wal*Mart is their shopping destination.

I have no problems with making an honest profit. That is why one is in business. But I have serious problems with exploiting people, with oppressing people, and with denying them basic human rights – for example, paying them a living wage.

I am too little to fight evil giants like Wal*Mart. But it makes me angry and sad to see people being taken advantage of through no fault of their own.

English: Footprint of Walmart stores within th...

English: Footprint of Walmart stores within the United States. Areas with more than one branch have progressively larger points. Alaska not to scale with the rest of the map. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There will always be kings and beggars, but one would hope that the mighty kings would look down on the lowly beggars and throw them a few pieces of silver every so often.

Wal*Mart is part of the 1%. And it will be a cold day in hell when that 1% is beaten. The machinery is in place to keep the 1% firmly embedded in the depths of our pockets, and in the pits of our stomachs. We are in their clutches and they are not about to let go.

Who can fight money and power? But the 1% must remember that they can only exploit and oppress a people for so long before those people rise up against their oppressors. People can only suffer so much and for so long before they retaliate.

English: simulated Wal-Mart logo

English: simulated Wal-Mart logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can one person fight the Wal*Mart empire? I am annoyed. I have expressed my opinion. Now, I shall leave Wal*Mart alone.

Question: Are Wal*Mart slaves – sorry, employees – able to save money? What does “live better” mean to Wal*Mart employees.

I wonder: Do the Wal*mart heirs and board of directors give Wal*Mart merchandise to their families and friends for Christmas gifts?

Happy Shopping!!!


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