Israel, Palestine and Jordon

March 11, 2014

Israel, Palestine and Jordon: Exciting, informative and disillusioning.

I just returned from a trip to those holy and historic places. It started with Jerusalem. For most of my adult life I wanted to visit Jerusalem. Every time I said aloud that I wanted to go to Jerusalem my family and friends dissuaded me from such a foolish venture. It was not safe.

Finally, I told no one I was going and just went there. There was fear, but the way I saw it, if I was going to die there, then I would just die there.Desert

My daily itinerary was filled with historical facts and holy places – which is exactly what I wanted. There was also a lot of propaganda which one could dismiss, but also take seriously.

Jerusalem Old City was humbling. The places I visited include Masada and the Dead Sea. Many Roman archaeological sites. Yardenit – a popular baptismal sight on the Jordon River. Tiberias, the Golan Heights. Bethlehem, Petra, Amman, Wadi Rum (Lawrence of Arabia) among others.


This trip taught me a lot about propaganda, refugee camps, hunger and starvation, medical needs, hope and a bright future, and loss of hope and a past but no future.

I hope to share these experiences in the days ahead.


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