Christians in Palestine

March 13, 2014

After I arrived in Israel I headed for Jerusalem. I wanted to see the holy places and spend as much time as possible where the Holy Prophets of God walked. After a few days in Jerusalem I ventured into Bethlehem (in Palestine) to see the Nativity and other places of Jesus and Mary.Lighthouse

When I got off the bus in Bethlehem the first thing I saw was a Christmas tree, perhaps 100 feet high. I was so shocked to see that Christmas tree – why? I don’t know. At the back of my mind, yes, there are Christians in the Middle East. However, I was ignorant of the fact that a million Palestinians are Christians and Arabs – a fact not ever mentioned in the American media.

The slant the American media put on the Palestine population leads people to believe that all Palestinians are Arabs and Muslims. It is always Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims. Never the forgotten Christians in Palestine!

I spoke to quite a few people in Bethlehem and their stories were the same. They need food, medicine, clothes for winter, wood and nails to repair their houses, and steady jobs. I met a woman from the Red Cross and she said a lot of Palestinians – Christians and Muslims – are very dependent on the food and especially the medicine they receive from the Red Cross.Hydrangeas

If I had not gone to Bethlehem I would not have known that so many Christians live in Palestine. I would not have heard about the plight of the Palestinian Christians. They are suffering just as much as any other people in refugee situations.

The people of Palestine are all Arabs – Muslims and Christians. The Palestinian Muslims get the media attention, while the Palestinian Christians suffer in silence.

There are over two billion Christians in the world. It is shocking to learn that the Palestinian/Arab/Christians are the forgotten siblings.


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