Talking to Local Palestinians

March 16, 2014

Journalists, Middle East experts, political talking heads (Congress/elected officials) speak extensively on the Israel / Palestine situation.Chrysanthemum

Let me reiterate that I just returned from my first trip to Israel, Palestine and Jordon, and the experience was exciting, informative, and disillusioning.

For two weeks I spoke to shopkeepers, hotel and restaurant workers, and cab drivers. The views expressed by the people with whom I had contact were quite shocking. The Palestinians – Muslims and Christians – are of the opinion that there will never be a Palestinian State. Many of them said that they have been waiting for sixty-five years and Statehood has not happened yet and it will never happen. Why not?

Their reasons for this belief are: Every day Palestine loses more and more land. Palestine is divided in two and no country can function split in two. It is not in the interest of the major-controlling powers to have a Palestine.Tulips

The people in Palestine – Muslims and Christians – are disillusioned and quite pessimistic about their future. The refugees I met in Jordon said there is a past, a pitiless present, and no future.

I left that region wondering how those people became so hopeless, how they became so pessimistic, and after sixty-five years, why are they still wandering the Middle East – refugees in the land of their birth.

Perhaps our ass-kissing, money hungry politicians can shed some light on the Palestinian situation, and the media can help them.


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