Common Core: Parents Protest Phony Tests – Children Lend Support

April 16, 2014



Finally parents are taking a stand against excessive testing and showing their displeasure over state and book sellers dictated over-testing.the journey

–      We must teach before we test.

–      We must test on what we teach.

–      We must not teach to the test.

–      We must update our sub-standard curriculum.

–      We need a curriculum comparable to Asia, Europe and Canada.

Pearson and Heinle are not teachers. Therefore, they are not qualified to prepare tests.

[Parents and taxpayers should start protesting Pearson’s & Heinle’s involvement in education. That’s another urgent task for parents and taxpayers to tackle, and sooner rather than later.]

Now the Common Core test scores do not count for students in grades 3 to 8 until 2018, so why do students have to take them anyway?

Everyone in this country (and the rest of the globe) agrees that for a first world country with unlimited war resources our standard of education stinks. We gripe but do nothing about it. We still can’t keep up with Asia, Europe and Canada.

Thanks to the new mayor of NYC (and the governor) UPK is now a given in NYS. It’s a good start. But no one should kid themselves. It will take 18 years to see the results. To see these 4 year olds competing with their Asian, European and Canadian school bus

Of equal importance is the raising of the standards. Education is not a top down, push it down you throat, blame the teachers’ issue. We have a sub-standard curriculum which must change before anything will change.

Starting with UPK the standards must change, must compare with those of China, India, Finland & Canada. Parents and educators must now demand that politics and education go their separate ways; that those book sellers print books not write them; and that testing is the end of teaching not the beginning of UPK.

So parents, you have a lot more work to do. You have to protest those phony tests; protest Pearson; protest those billions collected by illiterate book sellers in the name of education; but most important, protest the substandard education your child is receiving.

So parents: go for it. You have lots to do. And more power to you!!!




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