Common Core: NYS Teachers Get Plastered With Dog Dirt

April 18, 2014

Ah! So the demoralizing CC tests – English & Math – that kids in 3rd to 8th grades take won’t be recorded in their school transcript. These controversial tests do not count for the students and won’t be on their records until 2018. GREAT NEWS!!!classroom

However, the results would still be factored into the measurement used to evaluate teachers’ performance – and give them their annual grades. Does this make any sense? These tests are flawed; they are meaningless. How can a test that has no academic value for students become a weapon of mass destruction for people in the teaching profession?

These poor, unsuspecting teachers, what’s to become of them?

I have written often on this blog about more teaching and less testing, etc. Why are uninformed politicians and idiotic experts on education putting this kind of pressure on teachers and students?

To acknowledge that the CC tests are an academic failure for students is good, but to turn around and use the results to penalize teachers is evil, the most heinous crime committed against hard working teachers.

What is the union doing about this? Where do they fit into this crime against their union members? Teachers pay a fat sum in union dues. Perhaps it is time they withhold those union dues until their unions begin to work for them again.

It’s a shame that what ever dog dirt happens in education it always falls back into the teachers’ laps. We have the most ignorant politicians on literaturethe planet and the greediest book sellers on earth, and these people make blunders after blunders, and then dump the dog dirt on the teachers.

Well teachers, just like the parents and the tax-payers, you have to start marching, protesting and with-holding your union dues. Teachers, parents and tax-payers – if you unite, changes will come.


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