SAT: Money Making Machine – Abolish This Meaningless and Fraudulent Test

April 21, 2014

SAT: Scholastic Assessment Testwords

SAT: Scholastic Aptitude Test

SAT: After 1997 no applicable definition

From the CC to the SAT. The Common Core to the Scholastic Assessment/Aptitude/No Definition Test. And those in between. Abolish them all!!!

We need new tests designed to meet 21st Century standards. Here are several reasons why American students – K to 12 – will lag behind their peers in other countries unless the curriculum and formula tests change.

But first understand that test taking (money), and test preparation (money), and test developers (money), all involve billions of $$$ per year, and those greedy hands won’t let go easily.schoolroom

Here are the reasons:

1.     American students are allowed to use their little hand held technology daily in the classrooms, but not during a test – so they score lower on tests.

2.     American students do not “cram” or memorize details e.g. historical dates, scientific formulas, but are expected to “know” them on test days – so they score lower on tests.

3.     Technology in the classroom has eliminated note-taking and critical thinking skills. Teacher displays “stuff” on the smart board, the smart students are entertained, end of their responsibility. Teachers get blamed for their lack of knowledge, end of story.

4.     21st Century students’ daily refrain is that they don’t have to “know stuff”, they can always “look it up”, except on test days when they don’t know the stuff.math

Now comes the fraudulent and meaningless SATs. Perhaps the SATs were an “adequate” means for college acceptance in the 1930s. Today it is out of date, discriminatory, perpetuates inequality, and useless as an indicator that a person will succeed in college.

As a teacher who has spent a life time preparing students to take final English exams I know that the best of students find these fraudulent tests tricky with very little to do with the verbal skills they claim to “measure”.

On the other hand, the rich parents send their kids to SAT prep in the evening and on Saturdays, while the poor kids wait it out. The SAT is a guessing game. The rich gamblers win the bet. (No one is blaming rich parents. What ever it takes.)

Finally, universities should have their own standards and their own admissions criteria for accepting these young students. Every university has a different program, a different mission statement, a different out look, a different kind of person they want to graduate into the world, so why not a different admission criteria?books

How about good academic grades, community service in an area of interest – hospital, social services, bank, newspaper – an essay, a personal interview and a personal statement detailing present dreams, future aspirations, and how your university and your program can shape the future, fulfill those aspirations, and benefit the next generations.

Don’t tell me you’re still going to hang on those fraudulent and meaningless SATs.


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