Technology is Not a Teacher, but a Facilitator in the Classroom

April 23, 2014

Technology is school class rooms has become the single most important tool in education. This is nonsense. It is an impediment to learning. The importance of technology in classrooms is quite over rated. There is some evil genius in outer space who wants parents and students to believe that technology is the answer to education problems. Well, that is the great lie of the 21st Century.numbers

The truth is that technology is not a teacher, but a facilitator in the classroom. Teachers are now required to use the smart boards whether they agree with this misconception of learning or not. A lesson could go on for a whole period (45 minutes) and a teacher doesn’t have to say a word. The students can stare at the smart board for 45 minutes and don’t have to say a word!

The smart board kills critical thinking, note-taking, academic and verbal involvement, argumentation, and the development of social and communication skills.

Teenagers don’t – hardly ever – talk to each other anymore. They sit in the same room and text each other. They text each other 2,000 times per week. They use broken language. Language that is unacceptable in essays, business correspondence, and what used to be called “proper” English.mathematics

Technology should be a facilitator in the class room – not replace the human approach to teaching and learning. When 50% – 75% of class room time is devoted to staring at the smart board, then learning and communication skills are buried in cyber space.

I read an article some time ago that parents in Silicon Valley do not expose their kids to the internet and mind-killing technology until after a certain age. I can’t recall the details.

As I said before, students’ constant refrain these days is that they can “look up” the information, they don’t have to “know” it. Well, yes, that may be true, but when they need science, history, math and English information in their heads for a test, cyber space can’t help them. Using and retrieving test information from hand held devices in test conditions are illegal. (Or it used to be.)games

So the poor students who do not “cram”, who depend on the illegal retrieving system scores low on their exams.

 Students need to learn academic, social, communication, interviewing skills in the classrooms. They need to develop their creative, their intellectual, their world view in school.

 Instead of spending billions of $$$$ on useless technology, perhaps the $$$$ could go to more teachers and smaller class sizes.

 An important question: Why don’t the creators, the developers, the sellers of technology in Silicon Valley expose their kids to the same technology until after a certain age?



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