On Friday I wrote about greed and corruption in the academy – from grade school through graduate school.Success Starts Here

Well, today’s papers (NY Times) has an article about university presidents “earning” stealing, robbing the poor students millions every year. These are my words.

I have been in teaching for over 25 years. I know 98% of teachers are honest, hard working people. I know 2% who are corrupt, robbers, or thieves. They are friends with the principal, they lick his boots, they kiss his ass and they are given “special assignments” and make a lot of money under the table.

As an adjunct at a local college, I know and feel all the pains of a part time professor. It is this: over worked and under paid. However, I am not complaining; I need the money. I was told one time that the department in which I teach has 77 adjuncts on staff, each teaching one or two classes. They must have a busy payroll department!schoolroom

Now here come the university presidents who are grossing millions per year while sacrificing students and professors. Professorships of the tenured kind are a rare occurrence these days.

Perhaps academic scholarship – dry as it is – is a thing of the past. Do students lose out because of the revolving doors through which adjuncts enter and exit? Perhaps they do! The days when you can just walk into your adviser’s office and discuss your papers, or your academic worries are over. Adjuncts are not involved in academic advisement, policy and decision making. However, they are excellent teachers (they must be since they are easily replaced) and must follow the curriculum.Yikes!

There is one way that students are hit and hurt long after they graduate or drop out of college and that is the $100,000 @ 8% interest that they paid the president, administrators and coaches for their brief visit to these people’s kingdom.

Yes, tenured professors are out, adjuncts are in, but in the final analysis the presidents and their ass lickers are the beneficiaries while the students pay for their pleasures.


Should there be greed and corruption in academic institutions? one dollar

In a conversation with several educated people who are in responsible positions in medicine, law and technology, I said that the corruption in the academy is shocking.

One person said, “Corruption is in every profession under the sun, why should education be different?”

Another said, “It is shocking, but why should teachers, professors, administrators – why should they be less greedy than other people?”

Well, I tried to explain why people in the academy “should” be different, but I failed miserably.

Here is my weak argument:the journey

People in the academy are responsible for preparing the citizens of tomorrow. From kindergarten to graduate school, teachers, professors, administrators, all teach a subject. They also teach by example. That is, they must be honest, upright citizens, role models who students admire, emulate and want to place on a pedestal.

Children from kindergarten to adults in graduate school see more of teachers and professors than they see of their parents. Some times adolescents might trust their teachers more than their parents. Therefore, people in the academy must be, should be, above greed or dishonesty of any kind.

The citizens of tomorrow should want to emulate the citizens of today. But they can’t or won’t if today’s citizens in the academy are the corrupt people they listen to by day and spit at by night.

The argument went on. I felt as if I was wrong. Then on the point of frustration I added:law-books-4

Look, we in the academy owe our students our honesty and integrity. We more or less tell them how to live their adult lives. How can we tell our children what to do, how to do it, when we are corrupt? And that is why people in the academy must be above the dirt!

Their reaction:

Oh! Get real!

You don’t really believe what you just said?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Academy! The perfect world!

In March I commented on the dress of women in the Middle East. women

I pointed out that from a western point of view the Hijaab worn by religious Muslim women is seen as a form of oppression. Furthermore, I also noted that from my travels in some of the Middle East countries I have observed that religious Jewish, Christian and Muslim women are all modestly dressed including their head coverings.

The comments on that piece of writing were encouraging. Many people wanted me to fill in the gaps – that is from a historical, cultural or religious perspective.

Here is a little bit of all three.

Historical perspective: Until the end of World War II women all over the world wore long dresses to the ankle with long sleeves. Their heads were covered by hats, scarves, orhni, hijaab, or other named coverings.

Before WWII very few women worked outside the home.

The loss of millions of men turned women into heads of household and bread winners. Women started to seek education, the cumbersome ankle length dress with long sleeves disappeared, and by the 1960s the women’s revolution and the feminist movements changed the world.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Cultural perspective: Another aspect of the female dress code is cultural. European women wore aprons over their long dresses all day long. Indian women wore saris. Pakistani women wore Shalwar Kamis. African women wore brightly coloured dresses. South American women wore colourful garments also. Middle Eastern women wore long dresses with head covering to survive the sand storms. And so the women of all countries dressed from their cultural perspectives.

Religious perspective: The idea that only Muslim women covered up themselves because of religion is untrue, unreal, and bizarre and is rooted in western propaganda.birds

All religious women dress modestly. Whether we are looking at Jewish women in Brooklyn or Jerusalem, Christian women in Italy or the Convents, or Muslim women in Turkey or Kenya; they are all covered so as not to show too much skin. Dressing modestly does not necessarily mean one is a religious fanatic. It means one is decent and respect ones self.

So the dress of Muslim women has very little to do with religion and more to do with culture, tradition, history and perhaps modesty.

We can start at the White House. Stroll through Congress and pause at the Supreme Court.Yikes!

Forget the Supreme Court. That institution is worse than any crooked politician. The people have the option and the right to kick out greedy, biased politicians, but must pray that the Supreme Court judges drop dead before anything changes.

The politicians on the other hand, are elected on promises made to voters, beliefs shared by candidate and constituents, and the trust that our chosen and elected officials will serve our needs, watch out for our interest, and along the way improve our standard of living.

To say the least, it has been a long time since any member of congress actually served the people of this country, or placed our needs and interested above their own greed and lies.

(The first priority of members of congress after election day is to become a millionaire.)Success Starts Here

The last president should have been disposed of in the Tower of London. The present President also fell short on his campaigne promises, is droning too many babies, and has lost his honesty and integrity some where and some time in the last 5 or 6 years. That Nobel Peace Prize!

Now here comes along Mayor Di Blasio, perhaps the poorest elected politician in the history of this country, and so far he is keeping his promises, he is as honest as the Pope, and his integrity unquestionable.

The elected officials in this country – the President, members of congress (especially those crooks and liars), governors, mayors, state and city elected politicians – can learn a few lessons from this honest man who is keeping his promises.

For example, UPK in NYC, the unions, housing for the poor, his budget, teachers contract, all point to a man who cares about the poor and struggling.flag

If only members of congress and state elected people would put voters first, citizens first, the poor and hungry first, the kids and the sick first, what a lovely country this would be.

Nothing will change though as long as members of congress and other elected representative of the people put their greed, self interest, pockets, and hunger for power first and people last. Mayor Di Blasio continue to teach the blood suckers known as politicians a great lesson in honesty, integrity, keeping promises, and serving the people.

Great Job, Mr. Mayor!

The media hates teachers. Torturing teachers is the favourite sport of media people. On slow news days they have to fill the air waves and the pages of the newspapers. A quick target and a ready topic is the over paid, lazy slobs who show up daily in school buildings to teach their kids.help

It is a sad commentary on the society we live in that the dedicated people (who are perhaps more educated than most media folks) who are responsible for educating future generations of Americans should have to put up with abuse and condemnation from low-lifers who dish out unfounded accusations against teachers when they have very little knowledge of what actually goes on in a school building.

There are corrupt doctors, lawyers, bankers, etc. and corrupt media who spin propaganda. Propaganda sells newspapers and keep people glued to their flat screens and hand held devices. Propaganda is also destroying education in this country.

News reporters are very creative in the ways they turn dross into gold. If they want to write about teachers and teaching then they should actually teach before writing about a profession in which they have not a clue.schoolroom

Teach for a year. Teach five (5) classes per day. Be responsible for 170 students per day. Prepare multiple lessons per day. Grade 170 papers per day. Take home work for every evening and weekends and holidays too. Have administrators and politicians (and the media) breathe down your spines. You media folks should experience a teacher’s life before writing about the punishment, discipline and dismissal they should receive.

Here is one paper’s advice to the new mayor on how to approach the teacher problem. One, scrap the seniority clause since young teachers maybe more talented. So a talented 24 year old just out of college who has exceptional singing and dancing skills but no teaching experience in English, math, biology, or physics would do a better job than a senior teacher with 20 years experience.

Two, get rid of the ATRs. Those people lost their jobs through no fault of their own. They want to work. Some of them are in their 30s and 40s and 50s. Teaching is their life, their vocation. The newspaper suggests terminating their employment. End of Story! Who would hire fired teachers?flag

Three, The newspaper likes charter schools. Charter schools carefully select the students they accept. What happens to the other 99%? Public Schools serve the masses. Charter schools are private. The foundation of this country was built on public schools and the future of this country depends on public schools and the teachers who serve in them.

To make a long story short, the media should write to educate the public not spread propaganda. It’s been a long time since the media did the job they are supposed to do – serve the public.



How do we explain this phenomenon?KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Is there an acceptable explanation?

The USA is the richest country in the world! The USA has the poorest, most deprived kids of all the developed countries in the world.

We have unlimited $$$$$ for war, troops, military equipment, drones, cyber spying, domestic spying, international spying, and every other evil under the sun, the moon and the stars. We have the power and the ability to destroy nations (and we do), to eliminate elected leaders (and we do), murder innocent children and their mothers (and we do).

However, we do not have money to improve public schools, for lunch programs, for health care for poor kids, for additional care for malnutrition and obese kids, for after school programs for under privileged kids. Our solution is to close their schools in their poor run-down areas. welcome

Let’s look at kids in the following categories:

– Special education

–  Poor and below poverty line

– Older students still in high school – 18 to 21 years old

–  Minority students (students of colour & language learners)

–  (It is customary for psychologists in public schools to feed these kids lots of drugs.)

The students in these categories make up a large percentage of students in our public schools. Every year this student population increases. In NYC the solution has been to close their schools.school closed

Is closing their schools the way to solve their problems?

 These groups of students need an academic program, but they also need two additional costly programs. First, they need special care and nurturing including health care and healthy food; and second, they need to be given special non-academic skills so they can leave school and function in the larger world and become productive members of our society.  

In the US of A we spend our money on world dominance while perhaps 45% of our population go hungry, has no health care, live in shelters, and fall through the cracks.

 May God be with the war mongers of this patriotic country.    




Good: A long awaited, well deserved raise!

Bad:   A certain clause that spells and smells of corruption!breaking news

The Mayor of NYC and the teachers union (UFT) are about to announce a new contract and a proposed salary increase is expected. This is excellent news since these teachers have had no raises since 2009. (NYC teachers are the lowest paid professionals in this area.)

The bad news is the clause that will pay “good” teachers bonuses for “good” teaching.

The UFT must insist that this clause be deleted from the contract because it lends itself to fraud and corruption in every school building.crayons

Here is how: Every ass-kisser, boot-licker friend and relative of the immoral principal will automatically be judged a good teacher and qualify for those bonuses. (I know. I have witnessed money corruption in these buildings.)

There are other ways to determine how effective a teacher is, and the Mayor and the UFT must explore alternative ways of rewarding those “good” teachers. And there are many of them!

UFT, one hopes that you will stand up for your dues-paying teachers. It’s been years ….

PS: Have Mercy of those homeless ATRs.

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