NYC Teachers Salary Increase – Two Things: One Good, One Bad

May 5, 2014


Good: A long awaited, well deserved raise!

Bad:   A certain clause that spells and smells of corruption!breaking news

The Mayor of NYC and the teachers union (UFT) are about to announce a new contract and a proposed salary increase is expected. This is excellent news since these teachers have had no raises since 2009. (NYC teachers are the lowest paid professionals in this area.)

The bad news is the clause that will pay “good” teachers bonuses for “good” teaching.

The UFT must insist that this clause be deleted from the contract because it lends itself to fraud and corruption in every school building.crayons

Here is how: Every ass-kisser, boot-licker friend and relative of the immoral principal will automatically be judged a good teacher and qualify for those bonuses. (I know. I have witnessed money corruption in these buildings.)

There are other ways to determine how effective a teacher is, and the Mayor and the UFT must explore alternative ways of rewarding those “good” teachers. And there are many of them!

UFT, one hopes that you will stand up for your dues-paying teachers. It’s been years ….

PS: Have Mercy of those homeless ATRs.


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