The Media Enjoy Trashing Teachers – Reporters Should Teach for a Year Before …

May 9, 2014

The media hates teachers. Torturing teachers is the favourite sport of media people. On slow news days they have to fill the air waves and the pages of the newspapers. A quick target and a ready topic is the over paid, lazy slobs who show up daily in school buildings to teach their

It is a sad commentary on the society we live in that the dedicated people (who are perhaps more educated than most media folks) who are responsible for educating future generations of Americans should have to put up with abuse and condemnation from low-lifers who dish out unfounded accusations against teachers when they have very little knowledge of what actually goes on in a school building.

There are corrupt doctors, lawyers, bankers, etc. and corrupt media who spin propaganda. Propaganda sells newspapers and keep people glued to their flat screens and hand held devices. Propaganda is also destroying education in this country.

News reporters are very creative in the ways they turn dross into gold. If they want to write about teachers and teaching then they should actually teach before writing about a profession in which they have not a clue.schoolroom

Teach for a year. Teach five (5) classes per day. Be responsible for 170 students per day. Prepare multiple lessons per day. Grade 170 papers per day. Take home work for every evening and weekends and holidays too. Have administrators and politicians (and the media) breathe down your spines. You media folks should experience a teacher’s life before writing about the punishment, discipline and dismissal they should receive.

Here is one paper’s advice to the new mayor on how to approach the teacher problem. One, scrap the seniority clause since young teachers maybe more talented. So a talented 24 year old just out of college who has exceptional singing and dancing skills but no teaching experience in English, math, biology, or physics would do a better job than a senior teacher with 20 years experience.

Two, get rid of the ATRs. Those people lost their jobs through no fault of their own. They want to work. Some of them are in their 30s and 40s and 50s. Teaching is their life, their vocation. The newspaper suggests terminating their employment. End of Story! Who would hire fired teachers?flag

Three, The newspaper likes charter schools. Charter schools carefully select the students they accept. What happens to the other 99%? Public Schools serve the masses. Charter schools are private. The foundation of this country was built on public schools and the future of this country depends on public schools and the teachers who serve in them.

To make a long story short, the media should write to educate the public not spread propaganda. It’s been a long time since the media did the job they are supposed to do – serve the public.




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