Mayor Di Blasio: Teach Politicians About Honesty, Integrity and KeepingPromises

May 12, 2014

We can start at the White House. Stroll through Congress and pause at the Supreme Court.Yikes!

Forget the Supreme Court. That institution is worse than any crooked politician. The people have the option and the right to kick out greedy, biased politicians, but must pray that the Supreme Court judges drop dead before anything changes.

The politicians on the other hand, are elected on promises made to voters, beliefs shared by candidate and constituents, and the trust that our chosen and elected officials will serve our needs, watch out for our interest, and along the way improve our standard of living.

To say the least, it has been a long time since any member of congress actually served the people of this country, or placed our needs and interested above their own greed and lies.

(The first priority of members of congress after election day is to become a millionaire.)Success Starts Here

The last president should have been disposed of in the Tower of London. The present President also fell short on his campaigne promises, is droning too many babies, and has lost his honesty and integrity some where and some time in the last 5 or 6 years. That Nobel Peace Prize!

Now here comes along Mayor Di Blasio, perhaps the poorest elected politician in the history of this country, and so far he is keeping his promises, he is as honest as the Pope, and his integrity unquestionable.

The elected officials in this country – the President, members of congress (especially those crooks and liars), governors, mayors, state and city elected politicians – can learn a few lessons from this honest man who is keeping his promises.

For example, UPK in NYC, the unions, housing for the poor, his budget, teachers contract, all point to a man who cares about the poor and struggling.flag

If only members of congress and state elected people would put voters first, citizens first, the poor and hungry first, the kids and the sick first, what a lovely country this would be.

Nothing will change though as long as members of congress and other elected representative of the people put their greed, self interest, pockets, and hunger for power first and people last. Mayor Di Blasio continue to teach the blood suckers known as politicians a great lesson in honesty, integrity, keeping promises, and serving the people.

Great Job, Mr. Mayor!


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