University Presidents Use Students to Line Their Pockets

May 19, 2014

On Friday I wrote about greed and corruption in the academy – from grade school through graduate school.Success Starts Here

Well, today’s papers (NY Times) has an article about university presidents “earning” stealing, robbing the poor students millions every year. These are my words.

I have been in teaching for over 25 years. I know 98% of teachers are honest, hard working people. I know 2% who are corrupt, robbers, or thieves. They are friends with the principal, they lick his boots, they kiss his ass and they are given “special assignments” and make a lot of money under the table.

As an adjunct at a local college, I know and feel all the pains of a part time professor. It is this: over worked and under paid. However, I am not complaining; I need the money. I was told one time that the department in which I teach has 77 adjuncts on staff, each teaching one or two classes. They must have a busy payroll department!schoolroom

Now here come the university presidents who are grossing millions per year while sacrificing students and professors. Professorships of the tenured kind are a rare occurrence these days.

Perhaps academic scholarship – dry as it is – is a thing of the past. Do students lose out because of the revolving doors through which adjuncts enter and exit? Perhaps they do! The days when you can just walk into your adviser’s office and discuss your papers, or your academic worries are over. Adjuncts are not involved in academic advisement, policy and decision making. However, they are excellent teachers (they must be since they are easily replaced) and must follow the curriculum.Yikes!

There is one way that students are hit and hurt long after they graduate or drop out of college and that is the $100,000 @ 8% interest that they paid the president, administrators and coaches for their brief visit to these people’s kingdom.

Yes, tenured professors are out, adjuncts are in, but in the final analysis the presidents and their ass lickers are the beneficiaries while the students pay for their pleasures.


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