Gaza – The New Concentration Camp

September 8, 2014

Many words can be used to describe the Gaza Strip: genocide, torture, annihilation, holocaust, apartheid; in fact, the Gaza Strip is a concentration camp blessed by many world leaders.SONY DSC

When 1.5 people are trapped, imprisoned without food, medicine, water, electric, hospitals, and without hope, and can be exterminated at the will of a hitler – how different is it from hitler’s gas chambers / concentration camps?

When death is pursuing you and you can not walk away, run away, swim away, drive away, fly away – how different is it from any death or torture chamber around the world? They are trapped until bombs and bullets release them and world leaders bless the bombs and turn the other way.

And it’s all about land. Someone wants Gaza’s land (all of Palestine’s land) and is cold bloodedly annihilating 1.5 million of the poorest, neediest people on earth to get that land. Someone is willing to push the Gazans into the sea, take their land, build settlements, and world leaders watch and dispense more arms and money to the persecutors and oppressors, and shower blessings on the new

Gaza is a concentration camp with no hope of anyone fighting on their behalf. The world fought to free the people of hitler’s CCs. One wonders who will fight to free the people of the CC called Gaza. Gaza is a CC where one Hitler commits the atrocities and the other Hitler bless the atrocities.

One day an act of God will strike the persecutors of the Gazans and justice will be done. Only God can save Gaza – and He will!



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