Gaza = Courage

September 10, 2014

Over the years the people of Gaza have shown extraordinary courage in their fight to save their land and win statehood for their land, people and country.sw_RoadClosed_ncpx0034

On the other hand, in the West Bank, President M.A. just submits to his oppressors and hand over chunk after chunk of Palestinian land for one settlement after another.

At this point there is no land left in the West Bank for a viable Palestinian country. When President Abbas talks about a Palestinian State he must realize that without land there can be no state; that he is paying lip service to the people he is supposed to represent; that he is a tool of the oppressors, and Palestine and Palestinians will get nowhere under his subservient “leadership”.

The oppressed, persecuted people of Gaza suffer starvation, disease and are denied basic human rights – water, electric, freedom of speech, travel and access to the media. They die by the 1,000s.

Are they dying and suffering in vain? Perhaps not! They want statehood and the freedom to live in peace just as the oppressors around them do.DSC_5394

To have the courage to stand up to the combined power of the world’s super power and the wealthiest, most armed regional power in the area is something to be admired.

One must believe that one day God will be on their side – that will be the Day of Reckoning. They must be patient. God does not give his people more than they can bear.

If people who have suffered genocide, annihilation, holocaust, concentration camps – if these people, kicked around the world for centuries – if these people can become persecutors and mosqueoppressors, create an apartheid state, and commit the same sins and atrocities they suffered and built monuments and memorials and museums to remind the world “never again”, if these people can persecute and oppress the innocent Gazans and live and be happy with themselves, then there is no worldly hope for Gaza and the Palestinians – only God!




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