Gaza: Media Sell Hate and Propaganda

September 15, 2014

The media hates Gaza. When over 2,100 people die; when over 100,000 people are homeless; when hospitals are bombed; when UN shelters with breaking newschildren are bombed; when water supply is cut off; when electric plants are bombed; when food and medical supplies are denied people; when the media blame the victims, praise the oppressors and persecutors, it is quite clear that their coverage of the crimes are no longer propaganda, but open hate for defenseless people.

When Americans have to turn to BBC and Al Jazeera for real, true, factual news, then we Americans must question the Bill of Rights: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press ….flag

I was so disappointed in the NY Times coverage of the Gaza crisis that I cancelled my subscription indefinitely.

One is cognizant of the fact that the US media is privately owned and such ownership dictates the slant, the bias, the propaganda, the lies, the distortion that shapes the news. If the American people knew the truth that hospitals and schools were bombed wouldn’t they be outraged?

Controlling the media is the only way to win the war in Gaza / Palestine, and the Middle East.

Controlling the media is the only way to control the US population. Controlling the media is the only way the thought police can get teenagers to join the military and kill innocent people.words

Social media caused great trouble in other parts of the world. Our time – our social media changes – is coming.



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